217464_155013981318514_797905540_n   I am a SeerProphetess ( Chozeh),  RemnantBride that was prepared to live behind the veil to be in the presence of God.I didn’t grow up in church nor did the couple that gave me a place to live ,neither did they raise me.I was a pay check and was under the hands of two members of the “illuminatti”.I loved my parents though I didn’t know much about them,my life went on full of heartache,depression,despair, rejection,and abandonment,and just trying to survive the many traumatic event’s that would come my way.The day I gave my life to God was three weeks prior to God speaking to me by His audible voice.He said”Sabrina,If you stop smoking cigerettes I promise that you won’t crave them and you can be close to God” I put the cigerette out and went back inside and thought I was going crazy.But the following morning God spoke again and I stopped smoking, and three weeks later after being free from the cigerette addiction I gave my life to God and was filled with the Holy Spirit and Fire speaking in tongues upon asking.I moved into my own place where my experiences began,God was in my apartment and he raised me,here I learned the ways of God and I live a supernatural lifestyle,but God was able to do this once he got me to depend on him and not looking to man to do anything for me.Money was put into my checking account, that’s the day i knew God was showing me I could depend upon Him.He kept showing me that He was there, and I had no need to worry,fear or even give up.I have been walking with God since 2011  as His prophetess , God told me that there’s greatness in me and I will reach my destiny as long as He is leading me through His Holy Ghost.The longer God works on you,teaching,training,anointing,and correcting you the greater your work is.I was told and prophecyed to by Gods vessels that people were waiting on me ,and that i had an “obedient spirit” that God was doing a quick work in me.This is true for God has told me some things that I keep just between us.I have been placed under Apostle Isaac Parker for a continuing teaching process and conditioning of my temperment and character that I will walk in,i also live with my spiritual dad.It doesn’t matter how long God takes to work on me for my destiny as long as He(God) does it according to His timing which is perfect.I am in a place that many took 30 years to get to,obedience is what God is looking for in a child.
SeerProphetess/Chozeh Remnant Bride-Sabrina Renee Walker


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